Par4Keet and BlueBird excel at handling 4K+ video streams easily and efficiently. This means that you can take any content up to 12 MegaPixels and beyond in size and map it onto multiple outputs, routed to pretty much any display configuration. Furthermore, as it is based around Green Hippo’s proprietry codec FlexRes, it is truly independent from any aspect ratio or resolution constraints.

For example, in the case of a panoramic video-wall made of 8 x 2 displays you can create content at a ratio of 7860 x 1080 pixels and play it back from a single unit. Some installations may require extreme portrait formats and those can just as easily be achieved.

A single Par4Keet or BlueBird can map and drive such setups easily and efficiently using mulitple AViary servers synchronised, there are even more posibilities.

Non linear aspect ratio

Playback videos and images up to 12 Megapixels with unrestricted aspect ratios. 16 x 9, ultra-wide, tall or thin; any aspect ratio will go.

  • Breaks 4K down into multiple streams
  • Can place the output anywhere on the canvas
  • Supports arbitrary rotation
  • Connects via DP/DVI or HDMI
  • Non linear aspect ratios