SHAPE is the 3rd dimension of Hippotizer V4, adding the power of projection mapping to the creative video toolbox of Hippotizer. No mere 3D plugin, SHAPE features a rich interface complete with a host of powerful tools. Object alignment, blending, masking and warping among many more tools are presented in a familiar 3D editing interface. Managed over the network, SHAPE runs in a free application that connects to Hippotizerâ„¢ V4s which handle video playback. This unique workflow allows for separation of the 3D line-up and the 2D programming, ensuring faster show setup. Thanks to the network connection, the 3D work can be done from the best location and not on a server. SHAPE also offers advanced modelling tools including vertex editing ensuring that even an incorrect 3D model can be fixed on site.


  • 3rd Dimension of Hippotizer
  • Parallel Workflow
  • Familiar 3D environment with vertex editing
  • Scene import
  • Projective, perspective and UV texturing
  • Network based integration with Hippotizer
  • Blending, Masking and warping
  • Projector Line-up
  • Free to use
  • Supports moving objects and BlackTrax


  • SHAPE Maps video played in Hippotizer across 3D objects in real time.
  • 3D mapping can happen as the Hippotizer is programmed for faster show delivery
  • Easy to navigate 3D software with common controls make it fast to pick up and use
  • Import whole 3D scenes including projector positions from popular applications such as Cinema4D and Blender
  • Supports UV mapped and non-UV mapped content.
  • Work where you can see the projection; controlling SHAPE and Hippotizer over the network
  • Quickly fix imperfections in the model or blend multiple projectors on complex 3D objects.
  • Create content without knowing where projectors are going to be placed.
  • SHAPE is free to use; outputs are handled by Hippotizer systems.
  • Integrates with automation and object tracking for 3D projection moving objects.