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v3.1.0 DMX Chart (updated 26-04-2012)
Posted by Ned Steele on 15 March 2012 03:10 PM

Information: DMX Chart and updated personalities for Hippotizer v3.1.0 SP1 (updated 26-04-2012)

This zip file contains a Microsoft Excel DMX chart and the latest Hippotizer personality files for Hippotizer v3.1.0 SP1 and is an updated version from the v3.1.0 version.
Please use this version for Hippotizer v3.1.0 or v3.1.0 SP1.

This updated version includes changes to the following:

1. Layer Speed is listed as being on channel 48 and relay select is listed as being on 49. These have now been swapped around.

2. Generators now line up with the software and DMX will now see them listed from 0-255.

*Please backup you current c:\hippotizerv3\maps\personalities\ folder before copying these updated files into this folder.


Applies to software versions

3.1, 3.1SP1


Applies to hardware versions


 dmx personalities with dmx chart for (45.79 KB)



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