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Hippotizer v3.1.0 SP1
Posted by Ned Steele on 12 April 2012 10:57 AM

Hippotizer v3.1.0 SP1

This is the installer with Service Pack 1 for Hippotizer v3.1.0.

You can use this installer to install 3.1.0 SP1 (clean install recommended).

It is also recommended that if you are mid-tour or mid-show, only update if you are having problems with the original release of v3.1.0 and are advised to do so by Green Hippo Support. 

Click here to download Hippotizer v3.1.0 SP1 installer.

*Please note that if you install this version you should also update the DMX Personalities by using this update found here:
Hippotizer v3.1.0 DMX Chart with Personalities

Release notes for v3.1.0 SP1

 hippov3.1.0 (365.70 MB)



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