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Info:Does Hippotizer Support TimeCode ?
Posted by Tom Etra on 10 February 2009 01:28 PM


In short - YES !

Hippotizer can read timecode either as MTC (midi Timecode) or SMPTE / LTC.

To read MTC you just need to attach a midi interface (usually USB) and load the midi component, then on the Advanced tab in the midi setup interface you need to check the "Enable Timecode" option.

To read SMPTE or LTC (Linear Time Code) you will need a dedicated interface. Interfaces are availiable as PCI or PCI Express cards or as an external USB device (ideal for critter) - please contact Green Hippo for details on which interfaces are compatible.

Once you have got timecode into the system, you can use this timecode to synchronise timelines and then put clips onto those timelines so that the clips are then synced to timecode.
To do this, open a tnew timeline with only a media track and click on the settings button. Tick the "Sync To External Timecode" checkbox and click on the button to search for a timecode source, you should now be able to drill down to either the Midi Component (for MTC) or the SMPTE Timecode Component (for SMPTE / LTC) and find the pin marked Timecode or MTC.

Basically the time of the timeline will now be locked to the timecode, so if you send a timecode of 00:00:05:000 then the timeline will jump to exactly 5 seconds in and any clip will also jump to 5 seconds in.

You can add an offset by entering it on the settings window, whatever time you enter here will be the time at which the timeline playhead will start moving from the zero point.