The Major League Baseball Fan Fest display created by Bazillion Pictures and produced by Quixotic Fusion was projected from Barney Allis Plaza next to Bartle Hall which held the fan fest’s July parade for the 8th consecutive year, celebrating all things baseball in the lead up to the Major League Baseball all-star game.

The lead up to the game held several events to get Kansas City excited in anticipation for the game but the biggest yet was the Fan Fest which ran from the 6th to the 10th July and featured interactive exhibitions, seminars, autograph sessions and much more.

The All-Star KC projection mapping imagery created by Bazillion Pictures measured approximately 120’ by 45’ tall combining 3D imagery with video content and captured elements such as player’s interviews with 3D media and visual effects. This projection used 212K EiKi 800’s and 2 EiKi 800a projectors from Cashmark Media which were stacked up and blended together.

The gear was fed from 2 Hippotizer HD’s both running Uberpan, with the first acting as a controller and the second also playing back the audio.
The Hippotizer’s were used to play back two clips, one about 5’-30” that was mapped to the building and contained an audio track and another 7’-40” loop that showcased various locations in Kansas City and other historical footage and stills.

UberPan was used to create the canvas that provided a 20% overlap in the middle to blend and then used the keystone correction feature on the individual masters to get straight lines. The production also used screen warp which helped with the convergence of the machines, fine tuning around architectural details and other spots that needed fine adjustment.
The whole event was programmed on one timeline and set to loop as needed.

I have been working with the Hippotizer since 2006 with version 2 on a production of Love, Janis. Since then the Hippotizer is my media server of choice and I specify it for use whenever I can. To me the Hippo is the ultimate tool for a projection designer, the ability to manipulate images with effects, screen warp, and keystone coupled with the power of UberPan to quickly create large multiple output canvases makes the Hippo an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. In a nutshell the Hippo makes my designs look good no matter what the situation.

Jeffery Cady, Programmer and engineer.

The Major League Baseball Fan Fest hosted a wide range of fans and as well as the expected and well-loved exhibits for baseball enthusiasts it featured a fantastic media performance that created the perfect atmosphere each day in the run up to the highly anticipated All-Star Game.