The building selected for this spectacular show was The Maritime Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District (South Manhattan). Pearl Media Productions, a subsidiary of Pearl Media, managed and produced the entire project from concept to completion, including media content, installation and operation.
Pearl Media’s real estate division negotiated with the residential landlord of / and the hotel on which the projection and control area was placed, taking great pains to ensure the integrity of the event.

Equipment included four Hippotizer HDs controlled by a GrandMA console, and multiple Barco FLM R20 HD projectors. <br>PMP used Live Digital Mix to synchronise the visual and audio elements of the multi-layer display and an animated countdown clock was displayed between show segments. The unique system integration, designed by AJ Freysteinson, VP Technology and Research, provided total system control with incredible flexibility during the show.
“We’ve had a lot of experience with 3D video mapping, and Hippotizer was the obvious choice for this art installation,” says Scott Justis, PMP’s VP, Sales and Marketing. “Our work and the Hippotizer system have enjoyed progression through the past 6 years and we’re always looking to push the technology further with every project. We’ve done every kind of event with the Hippotizer system variants including 3d mapping, concerts, corporate theatre, broadcast, gala/special events and trade shows, so we knew we could rely on it.

Our clients were greatly impressed with the 3Dmapping show and we as usual were once again confident in the Hippotizer’s performance. “

The four-hour show at the landmark hotel featured three-minute bursts of astounding video displays, bringing the entire hotel façade to life with vivid colour, pulsating rhythms, and ebullient ‘80s graffiti-based graphics referencing Haring’s very distinctive style. For the projection the content designers made full use of the hotel’s structure and even incorporated its unusual windows in the design. The event was viewed by thousands of passers-by who were out for the evening and received some amazing feedback.
A. J. Freysteinson, PMP’s VP, Technology and Research says “I have made suggestions on features of the Hippotizer system that have now become standard. Both Green Hippo (and US distributor TMB) has always been a trusted partner and co-innovator on every event and we look forward to revealing more exciting projects in the very near future.”

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