When selecting the most suitable innovations to enhance the viewer experience ABC News senior production designer, Seth Easter; director graphics operations, Tamar Gargle; and creative director, Hal Aronow-Theil, had a clear vision of what they needed to achieve. They endeavoured to avoid cutting away to full-screen graphics when presenting data, instead incorporating technology to produce creative, interactive storytelling which would help viewers better understand complex information.

“We knew this was going to be a huge election and we wanted a space that would convey the magnitude of this event for both the viewer and presenter. I was also trying to create something that felt like it could be anywhere, any city,” says Easter

“It’s about being part of America, because it’s not a New York conversation, it’s a countrywide conversation, so that’s where I started this process. It was also about creating something that felt like we could have everyone included, talking together, working together. Showing viewers that we’re working to get the information and facts and that everyone is seen and heard.”

“The support Green Hippo provided throughout the project was invaluable as we had to create new workflows on the fly,” says Acken. “We utilised this time to find the best ways to map the room in 3D for the real world.”

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