Imagine 40 projectors lined up perfectly, casting a stunning visual display into a 104 x 70m canvas; that was the opening ceremony stadium show for Ashgabat International Airport on Saturday, 17th of September 2016 in Turkmenistan.

Inspired by famous national bird, Lacyn, a falcon species found mainly in Turkmenistan, the main airport terminal was constructed in the shape of the bird itself.  To celebrate the launch of the airport and one more year towards the 5th Asian Indoors and Martial Arts Games, a grand visual show, filled with stunning isometric and abstract projections, was put on at the Ashgabat stadium.

A total of 40x Panasonic 20k Projectors, 16x Hippotizer V3 and x Grand MA2 Light were used to power the entire show. Hippotizer V3’s were used by FIX8Group, visual production experts, creating a large UberPan canvas for playback on the field and to warp and blend each stack of 4 projectors.

FIX8Group’s Technical Director Nick Charalampidis along with their Projects Director/ Projectionist Guru Paul Williams and Media Programmer Fraser Walker used features like timecode on layer to sync and make changes to sync times quickly.


Live mask allowed us to very quickly mask around the curves of the field of play and where the set met the projection. It was literally a 10-minute job to live mask the entire canvas.

Nick Charalampidis

Putting on such a big and complex display requires a lot of skill and coordination, but they pulled through and delivered a successful show to over 20,000 people who were there at the stadium.


Hippo Tech – Nick Charalampidis
Programmer – Fraser Walker
Projectionist – Paul Williams
Technial Director – Sedat Gunduz

Media Servers by – FIX8Group/Phantom Event Engineering
Projectors by – VER