With version 2.0 of Par4Keet, 2Kan and BlueBird, units can now host interactive and generative bespoke software that can simply be loaded as another video source. Utilising the industry standard software Spout, applications can share video memory to create a super-efficient transfer bus for real-time high resolution video delivery without any latency. This means that highly creative and bespoke applications can now be hosted on AViary units removing the need for external hardware or one-off solutions. What’s more, the unit’s built-in class-leading, output management and remapping capabilities can be used in just the same way as with any other content on the machine, removing the need for creative software developers to implement those functions in their application. Green Hippo has teamed up with leading artists in the field of creative coding and can offer both advice and help if such interactive applications are required.

  • Bespoke interactive or generative applications can be hosted
  • Shared video memory provides a real-time, no latency bridge
  • Output management and remapping can be applied
  • Customisation support and service via Green Hippo
  • https://youtu.be/oH7ExPeOGIo