Our real-time image processing has two key benefits; firstly, the media playback can be optimised instantly for a specific purpose. For example if the aspect ratio of the rendered media does not match the display this can be corrected in seconds and does not required a trip back to the editing suite. Adjust the colours, saturation or contrast instantly to add extra punch to your content. Or simply trim a few seconds off the beginning or the end of a clip. All those tasks can be highly beneficial when out in the field.

Secondly, the benefit of real-time processing is that users can build interactive systems where the media changes in response to external triggers. Let the user start the playback by, for example, breaking a light barrier, or in response to an RFID reader in a shop. Many third-party sensors can be used to build an immersive experience.

  • Real-time control of many parameters
  • Control geometry, colour, in and out points and playback speed instantly
  • No need to re-render content
  • Build interactive installations allowing visitors to trigger or modify content
  • Integrate into complex systems using external control (i.e TCP/IP)