NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions were the winners of 6 InfoComm16 awards, including Rental & Staging Systems for its 65-inch Ultra High-Definition (UHD) display and Direct View LED video wall.

After a successful Digital Signage Expo collaboration, NEC invited Jon9 of the HOLONYNE corporation and Green Hippo to again, work together at InfoComm delivering a 4×4 portrait video wall.

Custom designed super-high resolution content delivering a story around fashion, sport, travel and people was displayed on a set of 16x video screens at a staggering 4320×7680 pixels, full 8K content. The Par4Keet Media Management and Digital Display Solution utilised the DisplayPort loop through the panels, feeding 4 x 3840×2160 into each 2×2 meaning all 4 outputs could be fully utilised.


The flagship player of the AViary Video Tools range delivers media at arbitrary resolutions, untying AV professionals from the restrictions of standard aspect ratios and opening the doors on unrestricted and creative display configurations. Even in standard form, the system carries a set of tools to produce creative visual setups quickly and easily. Logo overlay, in/out points, and integration with protocols such as SMPTE and TCP/IP can be deployed and programmed easily from within the unit’s intuitive users interface removing the need for additional processing equipment or return visits to an edit suite.

Comprehensive output mapping tools brings much of the functionality found in video wall controllers inside the source machine removing the need for third party processors and enabling super-creative display layouts. By simply connecting all screens and placing the quadrants using the built in Output Manager making installation easy.

“I wanted to show something that is rarely seen at trade shows: digital art. And by ‘digital art’ I don’t mean digital reproductions of Picasso or Rembrandt – I mean the creative use of digital technology to delight the eye and tickle the mind…” said CEO Jon9, HOLONYNE Corporation.
“We had this incredible digital canvas to work with – around 25 million pixels– and I had some creative ideas and the tools to realize them. With this, we applied all to accomplish a main goal: to have everyone at the show talking about your products, your booth and your presence as a brand. Given the resolution and the quality of the display system – we could promote this as ‘digital fine art.’ Continues Jon 9.