The city of Cologne had to do without Gamescom this year due to the pandemic. With the big Xbox Series X | S launch event, during which the manufacturer Microsoft swore the German gamer community to the new generation of consoles, the city on the Rhine was able to celebrate another game industry event on November 9th. Under the motto “Power Your Dreams”, an event broadcast via live stream was conceived, the highlight of which was a sensational drone show over the Rhine.

Reliable playback device Hippotizer Nevis +

Jens Hillenkötter (Technology Arts) was responsible for the drone show and the broadcast of the live stream as Executive Producer and Director on behalf of the agency . The designer, who has been working with media servers from the manufacturer Green Hippo for over ten years , used the new, compact Hippotizer Nevis +  for the first time.

Due to the current situation, the program around the live stream was recorded in advance. “So I was looking for a very reliable playback device with live access in real time,” reports Hillenkötter . “Since there was media that was only played on the server while the live stream was running, I wanted to be on the safe side and let my Green Hippo Amba + run in parallel. I always keep up to date with the latest product news. The Nevis + seemed to me to be the right solution for this project due to its compactness and performance. ”

Compact FOH space

Despite its compact dimensions, the Nevis + is a well-equipped creative tool. A multitude of functions at each level, such as dual effects engines, key-on-layer and VideoMapper-on-layer, ensure that more than just media playback is possible. The layer-based composition principle of the Hippotizer series allows the intuitive mixing of clips and live capture sources. In addition, the integration of numerous popular video tools such as Notch, NDI and Spout – all with real-time control – offers almost limitless creative potential.

After the first use, Hillenkötter is impressed by the small power pack from Green Hippo : “I am thrilled with the Nevis + because it is both ultra-compact and very powerful. I see another plus point in the ease of use. I would personally use it for all projects where it offers me enough layers and outputs. I travel a lot and I’m a big fan of the most compact FOH seats possible. In this regard, the Nevis + is very attractive. So far I have not been able to take a media server in my hand luggage. “

Jens Hillenkötter at the FOH (Photo: © Jens Hillenkötter)

Good cooperation with cast

Hillenkötter also appreciates the cooperation with the German Green Hippo distributor cast : “In the past few years, cast has always been a good and, above all, reliable partner for many projects, be it live events or permanent installations. I like the flexibility that the team shows and appreciate the ‘short official channels’. ”

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Photo Credit: Jens Hillenkötter