A media server is only as good as its codec. Hippotizer offers a suite of codecs to ensure the requirements of even the most demanding project are met. For the highest resolutions and layer counts, there is FlexRes Performance; based around the popular HAP GPU accelerated compression, this offers huge playback capability with decent image quality. Where better quality is important however, Hippotizer offers FlexRes Quality. Supporting 4:4:4 colour and near-perfect compression, FlexRes Quality brings a balance of quality and performance to Hippotizer. Where any compression is too much, FlexRes Lossless comes to the fore, playing the media exactly as it was delivered. All three FlexRes codecs support Alpha transparency. FlexRes files can be transcoded to from many popular files by any Hippotizer, or rendered to directly from free PC based Plugins. FlexRes Performance supports direct conversion from QuickTime HAP files.


  • Suite of three codecs to match any requirement:
    • FlexRes Performance (HAP)
    • FlexRes Quality
    • FlexRes Lossless
  • Patch files
  • Direct HAP Encode


  • FlexRes Performance allows for very high resolution playback with decent visual quality, it also offers the whole HAP family (HAP Alpha and HAP Quality) for better colour or alpha support.
  • FlexRes Quality combines better visual quality and colour depth with light playback load in a single codec.
  • FlexRes Lossless preserves the original file exactly for situations where quality is vital.
  • Update a portion of an encoded clip without having to re-encode the whole file using the free FlexRes plugins.
  • Upload media files created in HAP without transcoding it.