Jon 9, CEO of Holonyne is a creative technologist who uses advanced production techniques on large-scale display systems to connect people with stories and ideas. Having used a number of Green Hippo products over the years including previous Hippotizer V3 and V4 servers as well as Green Hippo’s Aviary Video Tools range, Jon9 has produced some of the most technically impressive, large scale digital environments. As a recognised authority on content creation for large-scale displays, Jon9 comes with decades of experience merging art and technology. His inventory now includes a 6x DisplayPort output Hippotizer Taiga+, capable of driving 6x 4K/ 24x HD displays.

Past Holonyne clients include the Disney Interactive Media Group, Cirque du Soleil, Warner Bros., Ferrari World, LAX International Airport and L.A. Dept. of Cultural Affairs, China Central CCTV in Beijing, and NEC Display Solutions amongst many more.

“One of the reasons I have had such a long relationship with Green Hippo is that they are constantly upgrading their systems and innovating new features and new interface capabilities.  With our new Hippotizer Taiga+ machine at HOLONYNE I’m feeding five NEC videowalls with a total of 60 screens from one machine – with total creative flexibility and the ability to interface with all kinds of input and output devices…  We’re really excited to be showing off all these capabilities with our  fresh content at our studio.  We are using this platform to develop and present our new VIRTULARIUM® immersive multi-screen theater.”

Jon 9

“We’re always excited to see what Jon 9 produces next. His talent for developing stunning productions pushes our Media Server products to the very edge of innovation and creativity.” Mercedes Stevao-Boase, Head of Marketing US, Green Hippo.

Holonyne operates out of its production studio and videowall screening facilities in El Segundo, CA – in the heart of Silicon Beach.

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