Green Hippo is honoured to be sponsors of the celebrated Knight of Illumination Awards. The winner of the Green Hippo Television Award for Video Graphic Display will be announced on 17th September 2017 at the 10th KOI Awards, the only awards exclusively dedicated to professional lighting & video designers.

The event takes place in London’s Hammersmith Apollo. The Grade II listed, Robert Cromie-designed ART Deco style venue provides a suitably prominent setting for this increasingly influential event, one which attracts the great, and the best of the lighting & video design industry. More than an awards event, the occasion is also an opportunity for the industry as a whole, to build relationships and seed new plans.

The shortlist for the Green Hippo-sponsored award has been decided and it brings together a trio of supremely skilled practitioners, namely: Nicholas Reyniers for Tonight at the London Palladium as shown on ITV; Alberta Torres for the BBC’s Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief; and David Newton for Strictly Come Dancing broadcast on BBC1.


Nicholas Reyniers
for Tonight at The London Palladium (ITV)
There were very competent and attractive backings to enhance a very varied range of performances, which were never over-stated. The stylish use of proscenium surround to unify the wide Palladium stage was most effective and reflected the style of each number. Given that this rig would have been put in around the resident Palladium show, there would have been limited turnaround time. In this instance the use of graphics brought variety to the production most effectively.



Alberta Torres
for Let’s Sing & Dance for Comic Relief (BBC1)

Very competent backings complemented the varied performances. Animated backings also enhanced the liveliness of the different acts throughout. As with many variety shows the screen content is an integral part of the set and although bold in nature, in this instance, never distracts from but purely enhances the performances.



David Newton
for Strictly Come Dancing (BBC 1)
The graphics on this show are always stunning, but with the addition of the 3D content on the dance floor the result is supremely successful. The various dance styles and themes are expressed through these graphics with style and imagination. Although ambitious, “Strictly…” would be unimaginable without the graphic input of backings and, of course, floor.


We are delighted to sponsor the KOI awards, and we look forward to recognising the genuine innovation and talent demonstrated this year in the Video Graphic Display for TV.

James Roth, Head of Sales & Marketing, Green Hippo