With 2 legs, 51 dates, 10 Genlock Hippotizer HD’s, 2 HippoCritters and custom content, the two hour show immersed audiences in a cinematic performance of a lifetime.

With video systems under the watchful eye of James Baker of Creative Video Design, working for John Bowman of B Touring Video, and the ever present Content Director Drew Findley programming the tour. The show used 4 GenLock Hippotizer HD’s, (4 backups) with the ability to control any of the 32 inputs and 3 MA’s providing video content streamed to 2 portrait WinVision 8mm screens, 5 WinVision 18.75mm screens and a total of 388 of VER’s LED Blades.

Notably Hippotizer has been used on Jay Z’s recent tours with a series of astonishing video and creativity supporting his performances. Recent trips showcasing Hippotizers power and design include the opening of the Barclay’s Centre, The Watch the throne tour with Kanye West held in conjunction with B Touring Video alongside his debut festival ‘Made in America’.

With the video design, they were able to map high contrast and custom designed visuals to the Portrait screens whilst being able to swap between live camera feeds on both Jay Z and performing artists.
The live camera feeds, sent from Jay Z’s video director, Dirk Sanders’ switcher, extended onto a special guests, Timberland, a super producer pioneering in early 90’s and 00’s Hip Hop appeared as part of a three live band manning small industrial units of sound equipment during Jay Z’s set. Camera feeds came from all manner of sources, from the traditional full-size cameras posted at FOH to Icecube cameras and Robocams.
Alongside a drummer at the top of a high-rise geometric set, completing the backing group, Timberland produced a mix of beat boxing, building a track, live, fed through Hippotizer’s to the IMAG screens.

Jamie Baker www.creativevideodesign.co.uk
Johnny Vickers www.btouringvideo.com
Drew Findley www.dfpllc.com