Hippotizer V4 systems use an auto-sensing switch mode power supply that is capable of handling 110-250v 50/60hz power.

Note: The switch mode power supplies are sensitive to fluctuations in power supply voltage and power loss. Green Hippo strongly recommends using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on all Hippotizer systems.

In common with all computers; allow the Hippotizer to boot down completely before removing the mains supply to the system.

Note: The Hippotizer Taiga and Boreal uses PCIe based solid state storage that must be shut down correctly. In the event that power is lost abruptly, the D: drive on a Taiga may not appear in Windows for several minutes on the next start-up. (Up to 10 minutes) This is normal as the drive re-builds itself. There is no data loss from this process. On a Boreal after an abrupt power loss the D: Drive may not appear in Windows without a further restart of the system.

The power inlet on a Karst, Boreal and Taiga are Neutrik PowerCon True1 with a pass through. Take care not to overload the input power by using the through connections: a Taiga for example uses 1100VA, which at 120v would mean only two systems can be connected to a 20Amp feed.

As an option, Taiga and Boreal can be fitted at the factory with a redundant power supply. This provides the system with two separate, hot-swappable power modules. In the event one of the supplies fails, an audible alarm will sound and the failed supply should be replaced as soon as possible.

Note: Taiga and Boreal use different wattage power supplies and can not be inter-changed.

Take care when handling the Power supply as it may retain hazardous voltages long after being unplugged from a power source.

Never attempt to disassemble or repair a power supply.

Note: Hippotizer systems contain delicate electronic equipment that is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Take appropriate ESD precautions before handling internal components of the system.


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