An intuitive, easy to use and flexible structure make Hippotizer the ideal choice for creative video playback for Houses of Worship.

Hippotizer Media Servers form the backbone of video control for some of the most complex Worship services today. Hippotizer’s intuitive user customizable ZooKeeper interface with built-in 3D Visualizer enables creativity and confidence with minimal training. Comprehensive support for 3rd party protocols such as DMX, TCP or Midi seamlessly integrate Hippotizer with existing control systems.

  • Customisable ZooKeeper Interface
  • Integrated 3D Visualizer
  • DMX,TCP,MIDI Control
  • 2D and 3D Output Mapping
  • 24/7 Support and Training

Case Studies:

Hippotizer revs up heavenly visuals at Christ Fellowship Churches

Hippotizer Karst+ delivers winter wonderland for Victory Worship Center

Northview Church feels the time-saving power of the Hippotizer Boreal