The show features four coaches from music and celebrity backgrounds. These coaches, sitting in chairs facing away from the main stage, listen to a series of blind auditions before ‘picking’ the artist based on voice alone. Only then can they press a button, turning their chairs around to reveal the person behind the voice. The 4 output DVI version of Boreal was controlled by a MA2 light console giving out MA-Net2 protocol, playing back a mixture of stock and custom content from PAL size up to 4K during the live shows in combination with HDSDI live feed from the outside broadcasting truck.

This widely popular show features many video elements in the main arena. The design featured a mixture of LED screens and pixel pitches including 9.375mm ROE MC-9H screens for the central backdrop, 18mm VisuaLED ST18P screens for the two smaller screens on the far left and right and a 30mm RGB OEM LED screen which made up the rotated square floor that is the actual stage.

All together this made up a 72.2m wide LED screen which was all mapped from one Hippotizer V4 Boreal. The DVI version Boreal ran on 16 layer mode with a viewport resolution of 7380 x 1500 which was mapped onto one 1920×1080 output showing the flexibility of the VideoMapper.

“VideoMapper makes it possible for you to create a virtual canvas of your setup and fit those pixels into an actual pixel space, in other words although this LED setup is 7380 pixels wide, the total amount of physical pixels fits into a 1920×1080 output, a fascinating component especially now when the V4 hardware is capable of giving you so much more rendering power than earlier versions.”

Johan West, Bright, Finland.