Green Hippo has been developing high performance video processing software for over 15 years. Building quality applications for the entertainment industries have been our focus, however our CoreTech solves problems in many sectors. Due to its modular approach we can easily take parts of our technology and integrate it into other products or services making us a strong OEM partner when it comes to delivering new solutions for various market. Below is an outline of our CoreTech – if some of those components solve your problem today, give us a call or contact us.

Realtime Rendering Engine

  • Modular and flexible plugin system
  • Utilises modern powerful GPUs to deliver up to 8k processing
  • Supports multiple streams and outputs
  • Realtime control via HippoNet to almost any control protocol
  • Feature rich now and expandable in future

High Performance Video Playback

  • Up to 8k video playback
  • Proprietary family of high performance codecs (FlexRes)
  • Supporting lossless as well as compressed formats
  • Timecode and inter-unit synchronisation

Media Management

  • Media Asset Management
  • Automatic media ingest and conversion
  • Network synchronisation of libraries


  • Proprietary protocol to control and link units together over standard Ethernet network
  • Real-time parameter control
  • Full remote User Interface for configuration and show control
  • Network based synchronisation protocol

Output Management

  • Flexible output management supporting external splitters as well as splitting graphics across multiple outputs
  • Works with standard graphics hardware
  • Supports blending, warping and mapping
  • LiveMask plugin to draw masks in realtime on the outputs

3D Projection Mapping

  • Map video onto complex structures and models
  • Auto-Alignment, vertex editing, masking and blending
  • Projection case study
  • Flexible input to texture mapping

Effects Engine

  • Power and flexible effects engine with standalone effect editor
  • Range of over 100 effects with a wide variety of applications

Live Inputs

  • Support for live capture and mixing of a variety of signals
  • DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI and DisplayPort supported
  • Treat the same as any other source with effects and masking


  • Map video onto light fixtures
  • Industry leading performance supporting vast arrays of fixtures
  • Intuitive and powerful editor to place and manipulate light fixtures

Control Protocol Support

  • Vast array of protocols to interface with external devices
  • DMX, Artnet, MANet, Kinet, OSC, MIDI, TCP/IP
  • Support for various automation protocols

Rugged Case Design

  • PC cases built for the rough life on the road
  • Bespoke back panels
  • EDID management boards
  • Bespoke fan management and cooling solutions