Green Hippo’s Hippotizer™ training sessions ‘HippoSchool’ have been running for over 7 years. Not only has the company maintained monthly training workshops at the London Head Office for that time, HippoSchool has also toured extensively in support of Hippotizer’s distribution network. HippoSchool has visited 38 countries worldwide across 5 continents, training over 2000 students, freelancers and professionals from ages 14 up to 70.

By keeping the curriculum in the hands of select and approved Green Hippo staff you can be assured that if it has the name HippoSchool on it, you’re receiving a structured, proven and current program of Hippotizer education run only by approved trainers with a passion for the product they are keen to share. HippoSchool is a hands-on session with approved Hippotizer™ equipment wherever it is held. This means you can walk away confident that what you have learnt is what you will need when you next sit down to operate a live event.

Basic 1, 2 & Basic 3D courses

UK – in house

Hippotizer Basic 1 & 2 (Tow-day course) £400
Hippotizer Basic 3D (One-day course) £200
Hippotizer Basic 1, 2 and Basic 3D (Three-day course) £500
Private in-house £450/day
Private ext location £550/day + expenses

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US – Los Angeles, Chicago, New York

Basic 1 & 2 $600
Private in-house $POA
Private ext location $850/day + expenses


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Discounts and offers

We believe in developing students emerging into the field of video and media servers. As a student you qualify for a 50% discount on in-house training courses.