Nike Town had been completely transformed in a single night to celebrate the launch of the original Nike Air Max Design. The Nike Air Max Zero.

8 vintage televisions and 16 HD screens made the video set up, displayed in the store entrance of Nike Town, Nike’s flagship store located on the corner of Regent Street and Oxford street in Central London.

A single Hippotizer V4 Taiga controlled the 16 HD screens, with different aspect ratios and sizes. 4 of the Tiaga’s outputs were split using 4 Datapath X4’s to achieve the 16 outputs. The V4 VideoMapper component was used to map the video across all the screens.

The display ran using the V4 timeline component; the opening sequence was displayed across all display screens before a montage of 16 HD clips played back on smaller groups of screens.

The design of the display was led by Roderick Goedhart. Creative design and content creation credits go to:
Millington Associates

‘Working as a freelance video programmer sometimes I find out about projects very last minute. The Nike Town install, video mapping and timeline programming was all completed in store in a 9 hour night shift. All made possible using Hippotizer V4’,

 Lanz Short – Video Designer/Programmer.