Digital insanity headed up the Audio Visual production of this highly anticipated film premier. Along with the red carpet, celebrities and fans, a huge red spider hung at the front of the stage as the premier’s main feature.

From 2pm chaotic fans surrounded the stage and red carpet in anticipation for the premier. The stage was described as the perfect setting.
Free runners and other visual performances worked on the stage as large screens that relayed rendered images of the film, video streams and parts of the trailer to the crowd along with live video feeds of the actors as they walked down the red carpet.

Digital insanity used Hippotizer HD’s running a dual output, driving a lighthouse R7 screen and a 8mm Cobra screen using VideoMapper.

As well as playback prepared GFX by Digital Insanity; they used live cameras at the premier via HDSDI. The audience were witness to a great media performance from Digital Insanity and by using the HippotizerHD as the media server it was able to combine different media that ran simultaneously with each other.

Another feature showcasing social integration of the fans was the live twitter feed displayed on the large outdoor screens, employing the hash tag feature on the twitter website to relay messages at the Spiderman premier.