These days, stadiums and arenas are much more than only a sports venue or performance area where people go to watch something competitive. Spectators will often spend many hours onsite between waiting in line to get in, security, wayfinding, concessions, retail, and the actual event. That is why every part of the experience needs to be immersive, engaging, and memorable.

As such, stadiums and arenas must be a complete ecosystem for visual engagement and information systems, ranging from creative video walls, wayfinding displays, point of sale kiosks, and lavish VIP lounges. All these visual spaces must be flexible and able to reskin themselves for a multitude of purposes including game days, corporate events, and concerts as this makes the venue more attractive to clients wishing to use the space, thus generating much needed, year-round revenue.

Make an instant impression

Create impact by deploying vast, large scale LED displays on the exterior of your stadium to inform, entertain and engage your audience. For night-time events other options can include architectural lighting or 3D, video mapped, projection to create the most engaging environments. Pushing the boundaries of your technology will provide an experience boost to provide memorable experiences for your visitors.

Do not just limit your story telling to the stadium facade alone but continue this theme throughout the concession areas and the arena itself, leaving your guests with lifelong memories. Tell your story through large scale video walls and inform guests through wayfinding, extending footfall time and increasing revenue opportunities.

Build your brand

Your imagination is the only limiting factor. With LED becoming increasingly cost effective, consider adding large, impactful displays in multiple locations including custom resolution, extra-wide walls to switch between live camera feeds, brand focused imaging, sponsor content, and commercial material at a range of visitor touch points. Also consider less obvious avenues to push your message including video mapping on stadium landmarks or mapping video onto LED lights to match and amplify your brand presence.

Captivate your audience

From halftime shows to eye-catching displays, create the most engaging experiences. The key is to always be ready and prepared to be versatile. For games, live shows, and corporate events, choose a media server that allows easy control on the fly and can be used for any application from Projection Mapping to LED and even lighting. As no two live events are ever the same, flexibility and reliability are key to being successful. That is why seamless end-to-end workflows are vital for stress free video playback, so only consider solutions that offer intuitive playback with a full creative suite and extensive mapping capability combined with fully integrated planning tools. This means that you can confidently plan every event from the comfort of your control room or design studio. Onsite, demand a multi-user, network-based architecture, which means that content management, programming and 3D mapping can all happen in parallel, so you are always up and running fast.

Go large!

As you develop new visual experiences and upgrade older displays, it is essential that your audio-visual backbone can also scale up to deliver your visual goals ensuring you do not come across any technical roadblocks. For long-term confidence, demand ultra-high performance and flexibility whatever your source or extension method. As well as carefully checking technical specifications, check for the warranty length and the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) which can be a useful way for end users to understand real life reliability.

Another barrier to guaranteeing reliability and easy serviceability can be the management of the plethora of small devices that are ever present in installs including video extenders, media players, small PC’s and set top boxes. There are solutions that can deliver high-density racking with multivoltage power and integrated cooling which make for easier install, quicker servicing, and longer product life.

Finding the right solution

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