Kiev delivered on its promise to present an awesome show and Green Hippo technology was key to the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest looking better than ever. Bringing together a crack team of skilled practitioners – see personnel noted below – this year’s Green Hippo Eurovision team’s video production heavily featured in the visual design of the show. Highlights included a large LED wall behind the stage, LED floor, Pixel-mapped lights and a projection-mapped arch over the stage. To help ensure the polished performance the MA2 and time code-driven set-up used a total 16 Green Hippo Boreal touring Media Servers, all running Hippotizer V4.2.1 software.

At any one time, up to nine of the Boreals were active, driving the below noted set-up:

  • Upstage LED wall – approximately 5500 x 850 pixels – over four outputs
  • 12 x HD projectors (6 double stacks) projecting mapping the arch with SHAPE
  • Pixel mapping 300 x LED lights behind LED video wall, plus additional pixel maps
  • 4 x HD projectors for “3D Feature” set piece
  • 3 x HD projectors for “2D Feature” set piece
  • LED stage floor
  • LED video panels in centre lighting cluster over stage
  • Feed to Outside Broadcast truck

In addition to Green Hippo itself, the below four companies supplied the legion of Green Hippo Boreals:

  • DigiGobos / Beacon Gobo Group: exclusive Green Hippo distributor in Sweden & lead supplier of ESC 2017
  • Brightgroup (Sweden / Finland)
  • Pixelfields
  • Fix8Group
  • Trust Rental (Germany)

The technical team drew from a number of Green Hippo staff and partners, with special thanks going to:

  • Jerry Appelt, Lighting Designer & DoP
  • Gravity Germany, Content Design
  • Hans Cromheecke, Technical Manager Video
  • Nick Charalampidis, Media Server Supervisor
  • Sebastian Huwig, Media Server Operator
  • Nicholas Hansen, Media Operator

The end result of this awesome collection of cutting-edge video gear and skilled operators was a show to dazzle its 11,000 spectators and a worldwide TV audience of 204 million, including a UK peak of over 8 million viewers.

‘The planet’s most watched non-sporting event.’
‘One of the most cheering in years.’

2017 Eurovision Song Contest – the Daily Telegraph

Between SHAPE, Pixel mapping, video mapping and deep integration with the MA2 control system including CITP into MA’s Visualiser, this year’s Eurovision was a tour de force for Green Hippo and its Hippotizer V4. Our thanks go out to all involved and we are already looking forward to being part of this much-loved event when it touches down in Lisbon in 2018.