15,959 people attended Palm India Expo, from business individuals, companies and music enthusiasts to audio visual specialists who saw the exhibition and international award ceremonies take place. With competitions, seminars, performances and awards, Palm India Expo is the biggest running tradeshow in India.

The 3 day expo brought together buyers and exhibitors to one of the largest centres for international trade fairs and exhibitions.

Green Hippo held a 45 minute seminar lead by Samantha Bailey who spoke about our current product line. The pitch itself used UberPan across three LED screens making up one big image, which was one of the biggest booth’s, held in the Expo. Exhibiting at Palm India Expo was a first for Green Hippo and it generated a buzz around ‘Video design’, the new local distributor to India.

The seminars and conference at Palm India Expo added richness to the event by not just showcasing products, services and networking opportunities but educating enthusiasts in the components of the live events industry. Palm India Expo plays an essential role in the networking of different industries but also shows platforms, trends, developed products and services in the sector.
India is the world’s largest movie and television producing industry and this location allowed traders and performers to connect with Audio Visual companies, producers and services from all over the world.

With a mixture of culture, entertainment and a huge network of Audio Visual companies worldwide, Palm India Expo surpassed expectations from the ever developing Audio Visual and live entertainment industry.