The art installation consisting of 700 plastic balls of different colours were placed to create a 3m x 2.1m sculpture, which recreated the bounce of a ball. Each colour was a different trajectory, to give the illusion of a ball bouncing around the 4 x 3.5m box, with a Grolsch bottle in the middle of the piece, also made up of balls.

Internationally acclaimed Artist and Light Designer ‘Tupac Martir’ came up with the concept of how to light/map the balls. A Panasonic PT-DZ10K projector was placed 3m away from the installation in order to map each one of the balls individually. A 3d model was created and then UV mapped with the individual balls, in order to line up the model with the actual physical installation. As this wouldn’t be exact, Green Hippo’s SHAPE software, running from 1x Hippotizer Amba media server, remapped each ball one by one to make sure that the paths that had been created would allow for the content to run through the different bounces.

The content for this installation was created by Greg Barth (director) and his team from Blink TV, all content was made in white as the balls had their own individual colours. Playing with the UV map and the path that had been created, different motions were created in which one bounce path would collide and create other paths with the adjacent balls, thus creating the illusion of movement.

As part of the campaign, 400 artists have been commissioned to produce 400 pieces of art that recreate the Grolsch bottle, pinned around the “brand essence” of originality.

The bottles will appear on limited edition packs and a full display of the artwork will be revealed in an online showcase during the brand’s “official birthday” in May along with an experiential campaign, rolled out from the 10th March where consumers will be able to create their own portrait using visual effects, with options to print or share to social media. Hundreds of their consumer portraits will be projected on to giant billboard at London Waterloo station which will be pulled together to form a giant Grolsch swing-top bottle.

Watch the video Grolsch 400 years of creativity from Greg Barth on Vimeo.


Greg Barth – Director & content
Joe Myers – Producer
Blink TV – Production House
Pau Munoz – DOP
Tupac Martir – Video Consultant
Zep Mouris and Simon Harris – SHAPE/ Hippotizer Operators
VER and Digital Insanity – Equipment
Will Vincent – Set construction