Green Hippo offers a unique program to ensure that all Hippotizer customers can take advantage of the latest Hardware and Software features through Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance.

The Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance program (HR/SA) is a pledge by Green Hippo to our customers: We will continually improve the Hippotizer Software for the duration of Software Assurance and customers will have low-cost access to the latest Hardware through Hardware Replacement.

Hardware Replacement allows Hippotizer V4 owners to ‘trade-in’ their system for a V4+ at a significant discount, while Software Assurance ensures existing systems can run new software.

Lower Cost of Ownership
Purchasing Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance is cheaper then buying new systems every three to four years.

Peace of Mind
Your investment will not be made obsolete. Newly released software will load onto the hardware for the duration of Software Assurance.

Always have the latest hardware
Hardware Replacement means your inventory is newer and faster Hippotizers; in demand and commanding the best rates. Hardware Replacement systems come complete with a new manufacturer’s warranty.

Respond to changing requirements
Hardware Replacement is an opportunity to update the configuration of your Hippotizer systems to stay ahead of trends. Choose Display Port outputs, for example, to transition to 4K requirements.

Volume Licensing Available
Green Hippo offers tailored Software Assurance plans for larger fleet sizes. Please contact us to discuss options.

Hardware Replacement in depth:
The Hardware Replacement program enables existing Hippotizer V4 owners to trade in their old units for the latest V4+ hardware.

• New Hippotizer systems feature the latest server hardware for up to 50% better performance
• Current output specifications can be altered to match changing requirements (for example, converting from DVI to DisplayPort)
• Remaining Software Assurance time is transferred from your older V4 systems and is added to your new V4+ systems
• Replacement hardware is covered by a new Hippotizer hardware manufacturer’s warranty

Software Assurance in depth:
Software Assurance is the length of time each system can install new software.

Hippotizer software has no expiration date; your Hippotizer software will continue to operate indefinitely. Software Assurance indicates which new versions of software may be installed on the system.

• Software Assurance is determined by release date; if the software release date is within your Assurance period then it will install.
• Software Assurance can be purchased for up to 3 additional years, for a maximum of up to six years for a single system.
• Minor improvement releases within a covered feature release are always free. If you can install 4.4, you are entitled to fixes within that release such as 4.4.1.
• New full V4 and V4+ systems come with three years of Software Assurance as standard.
• Hardware Replacement units inherit the remaining Software Assurance of the system they replace, so you supplement your current coverage, not lose it.
• Volume licensing is available to make managing larger fleets easier and more cost effective.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about Hardware replacement/ software assurance, please contact your local distributor/ dealer or email


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