Driving media content to the LED displays were five Hippotizer V4 Boreals: Three with four mixes each of 1920×1080 output and two with two mixes, each in pan mode at 3840×1080. Preprogrammed media content was created by WWE’s in-house graphics team. Specifically designed for each flamboyant Superstar, motifs ranged from the Kremlin to the Gates of Hell.

“We pushed the V4s to the limit on this one,” says WWE Media Platforms Manager, John Weston, “running 12 outputs at 12 layers per mix, HD and wide. The cues played back extremely fast. After using Hippotizer V3s for seven years, the transition to V4 was a natural step. V4 represents a vast improvement in many ways and we were very pleased with the results.” Weston adds, “The technical support we received from TMB and Green Hippo was a big help as always.”

Upstaging provided the Hippotizers for the event. “The new V4 Hippotizers are smoking fast machines,” says Upstaging’s Tony Thompson. “The hardware is rock solid and its onboard EDID management is top of the line. We’re already planning to send V4 on a Lady Antebellum’s upcoming concert tour and that will be the first of many.”

Jason Robinson is Production Designer for WWE, and video programming was done by John Weston and Aron Altmark.