The idea is to promote Andorra as a summer destination with a special 60 minute show. With over 60 performances over the past 3 summers, to a 5000+ sellout crowd it’s easy to appreciate the success of the project so far.

Scalada Storia, was a new performance that shows the country’s more mystic side and takes the audience on an acrobatic and metaphorical journey to the legends of Andorra.

Every year the main central parking area of the Parc Central, in the centre of Andorra la Vella, is commandeered and a performance area constructed to ‘house’ the show. With a 5000+ capacity the show takes centre stage so to speak in the majestic terrain of Andorra. It is an open air event that is free and unique in Europe.

This year, from 4th July to August 1st, there were 5 shows running per week (Tues – Sat). A new Hippotizer Boreal was purchased for use on these shows, running the latest V4 Beta software. The video concept was to have video capable tubes outlining performance cubes which we’re part of a central stage structure. The Hippotizer was then used to generate effects and output content which would work together with the lighting and add an extra dimension to the show.

Green Hippo: What part did the Hippotizer Media Servers play?

DuShow Barcelona: “1x Mix DVI output of the Boreal to a CX-Pro-L-01 video input signal processor unit, which we had made a corresponding patch on using the LEDStudio software. The processor distributed the content to 200 Starway star tubes via 9 Starway scan boxes which outlined the stage structure. We used stock content and the generator functions of the Hippo to accent and highlight the lighting element of the show. The video mapper function of the Boreal was used extensively to offer various possibilities of effects and content use in the show.”

GH: How did the show go?

DuShow Barcelona: “The main programming was completed over 3 days with presets being produced on the Hippo directly and recalled by the lighting team using a Grand MA2 when required for the show. This enabled simultaneous lighting and Hippotizer programming which worked very well between the technical creative team.
A profile was created on the Hippo so as to only access the preset banks and layer dimmer functions. The show for a third straight year was a resounding success for Dushow Barcelona, 45 Degrees, Cirque Du Soleil and Andorra tourism.”
“This year visitors seemed to really appreciate the show and the visual elements created. The lighting was exceptional which really helped the performers tell the story. Each show was filled to capacity for the 21 performances.”

GH: What was challenging about the job / project and why did using Hippotizer Media server make it easier?

DuShow Barcelona: “Our biggest challenge was in understanding the way we could output the Hippotizer content to the star tubes which were constructed in horizontal and vertical orientations. With the assistance of the Green Hippo team we used VideoMapper to map the stage output and by creating a variety of maps we could chase effects across the stage structure using the Grand MA2 which offered alternatives difficult to achieve without VideoMapper.”

All photos / images: Copyright – Andorra Tourism & 45 Degrees
Credit – Alca Films

To see some highlights of Scalada Storia :
Copyright – Andorra Tourism
Produced By – Alca Films


Dushow Barcelona provided all lighting, sound, video systems and technical installation for the show.

Production Company – 45 Degrees
Lighting, Sound, Video & Technical Support – Dushow Barcelona
Stage Director & Choreographer – Stephane Boko
Production Manager – Stephanie Vincelli
Technical Director – Christian Wilson
Lighting Designer – Bruno Rafie
Lighting Programmer – Julien Blais-Savoie
Sound Designer – Jean-Michel Caron
Scenic Designer – Oliver Landreville
Hippo Programmer – Craig Coupe
Dushow Chief – Ivan Trullas

Grand MA 2 Lighting Control With 2x NPU Units
24 Martin Mac Quantum Wash
8 Martin Mac Viper
65 Clay Paky Sharpy
16 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash
16 Varilite 3000 Spot
47 Varilite 3500 Spot
90 Starway Tourkolor LED Par
100+ Conventional Lights

Soundcraft Vi1 Digital Mixing Desk
12 Meyer Sound M’elodie
20 Meyer Sound LYON-M
8 Meyer Sound LYON-W
14 Meyer Sound UPQ-1P
QLab Audio Software

Hippotizer Boreal V4
200 Starway Star Tubes
9 Starway Scanbox Signal Distribution