This year the content resolution was really pushed for LED screens with 3840 x 512 pixels being used and a few customisations back at Green Hippo HQ along with the outputs of 6 active Hippotizer HDs genlocked together made this possible. All the Hippotizers where set to Dual Mode running at 1920×1080@50Hzwith 8 layers per output and monitored by multiple Zookeepers so that all aspects of the show could be controlled remotely around the vast arena.

Stephan Flören freelance lighting & video designer and operator is no stranger to working on big productions and live broadcast shows. Having worked on Germany’s Pop Idol (DsdS), Germany’s got talent, X-Factor Germany and Germany’s Top Model to name a few, his task for ESC 2012 was to design the video playback system together with Volker Suhre from CT Germany.

Having worked with Hippotizer media servers since 2011, Stephan was familiar with the system and confident that Hippotizer media servers could generate fully synched outputs. When asked if he was happy with the outcome he commented

Absolutely satisfied with the Hippotizer system. We had no problems during the entire production, but the best about the production was the great support from the 2Ns, Nick and Nigel!!! They were always in charge when we had technical issues or even some questions and how-to’s and I was always confident in Hippotizer and the support.

Stephan Floren

Hippotizer Product Manager Lee House said “Eurovision is always a jewel in the crown of any manufacture in our industry. We are very pleased to have been selected as the main provider for the visual playback. Although the UK’s vocal entry finished second to last I think we may have proven that Hippotizer was the UK’s real winning entry this year.”