FlexRes Tools is a free suite of plugins and utilities to streamline content creation workflows.  Flexibility is key for a media server. One show may need 8K+ playback while the next may require perfect 4:4:4 colour and uncompressed playback. FlexRes is a suite of codecs that features the flexibility to do both extremes and everything in between. FlexRes is more than just a few codecs, it is also an integral part of the content workflow. From a single system production to a render farm, FlexRes saves precious time with a series of innovative tools to ensure the time from render to playout is as short as possible.


  • A Family of codecs to match any requirement built into every Hippotizer V4 & V4+
    • FlexRes Performance (HAP based) for maximum playback with no QuickTime dependency.
    • FlexRes Quality for flexibility. Match quality and compression with the requirements.
    • FlexRes Lossless and Uncompressed. When only perfection will do.
  • FlexRes is designed for the demands of a real-time media server
    • Alpha support for perfect compositions.
    • Smooth scrubbing and instant seeking.
    • Smooth slow speed playback.
    • Easily handles differing framerates from 25 to 60FPS.
  • FlexRes Tools – A free workflow utility
    • Render from PC based Adobe products directly to FlexRes.
    • Thumbnail preview and standalone viewer.
    • Render Farm Support for distributed render.
    • Command Line encoder for automation and scripting.

FlexRes is made of three codecs:

  • FlexRes Performance
    • Playback 8K content and beyond on a single system.
    • Based on the popular HAP codec.
    • HAP-Q, HAP-Alpha and HAP are supported.
    • Directly import pre-rendered HAP files – no transcode.
  • FlexRes Quality
    • Choose the quality and colour space to match the requirement.
    • Up to 4:4:4 colour encoding for better colour gradients.
    • Up to visually lossless compression.
  • FlexRes Lossless and Uncompressed
    • Choose the colour space with up to 4:4:4 available.
    • Perfect reproduction of source content.


Download FlexRes Tools