Colombia – tvONE’s Green Hippo brand of Hippotizer Media Servers have been installed at Colombia’s Caracol Televisión studios as part of a set upgrade for the popular singing competition Yo me Llamo (My Name Is).

The network is one of the biggest clients for AV equipment supplier and production design company Visual in Motion, which regularly deploys LED screens, lighting fixtures and Media Servers to set. For the latest season of Yo me Llamo – where contestants mimic famous singers in live performances to be crowned winner – Visual in Motion collaborated with the network to design a set concept and specify LED screens, lighting, control, content and Media Server systems. The result was a decadent, classic theatre set complete with red velvet drapes, chandeliers and gold-framed LED screens driven by a Hippotizer Nevis+.

“The main challenge that we encountered were the amount of pixels, the different shapes of the LED screens, and the precision in the cues,” explains Alvaro Fuentes, CEO of Visual in Motion. “This was all easily handled by Hippotizer Nevis+. We have been using Hippotizers since the beginning of the company, when we conducted deep research to find the best available solution in the market. Since my background is lighting, I wanted to have video control via my lighting desk, and Hippotizer with the use of DMX does the job perfectly.”

Inside the studio, the team installed a large LED screen central to the backdrop of each performance, with further LED screens along each side of a catwalk. There were also three LED screens behind the judging panel, displaying content to liven up the background. Finally, there were also four screens on the sides, acting like ‘big paintings’ as part of the design.

“The compact chassis of the Hippotizer Nevis+ enabled us to place them in different locations, sometimes to get closer to something,” says Fuentes. “In this set we used 4K outputs, with some of them feeding through a splitter to get more outputs. If I have to choose one reason to always use Hippotizer, I would certainly say that it has never failed me in twelve years of running my business. It’s really impressive that I can rely on this machine every single time.”

Visual in Motion designed much of the video content at their in-house studio, which ranged from live footage, abstract visuals, and comedic graphics as required.

The Yo me Llama show has won multiple Colombian TVyNovelas Awards during its nine seasons.

Credit: © Visual in Motion