The Live Design 2014-2015 Products of the Year are chosen and voted for by a panel of industry experts, including lighting, projection and sound specialists, so we are especially honoured and very pleased that our product has been chosen!

So, what is SHAPE?

SHAPE, unifies the 3D mapping workflow; from concept and pre-visualisation, to content creation and finally project realisation. Built-in surface modelling, image analysis and support for all common UV mapping methods along with virtual projection makes SHAPE a game changing approach to mapping onto non-linear surfaces.

In realtime SHAPE can map incoming video (via HD-SDI or DVI input cards) to multiple projected outputs. This allows content creators to work with challenging projection projects live via plug-ins for their chosen 3D creation software.

In short, SHAPES alignment tool turns the complex process into a simple process. No matter how complex the structure is, SHAPE only needs to know the position of 4 points to accurately map the whole structure.  SHAPE has no problem dealing with complicated curves and it can map points that you might struggle to see from your position on the ground or at the back of a stadium / field.

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