The set was a video tour de force, with two V4 Taigas running six 1920×1080 outputs each to projectors and WinVision 9mm LED Tiles, filling the set with high-res content provided by Elastic and Possible. Green Hippo’s VideoMapper component was used for seamlessly mapping various display elements.

“The V4 engine was rock solid,” says screens programmer Jason Rudolph, “easily driving six 1080p outputs, each with multiple layers. We also had Revolution Blades in the back wall. Due to their overall screen size, we used VideoMapper to creatively arrange the Blades in a single 1920×1080 raster.”

Rudolph adds, “Right after iHeartRadio we used Taigas for the MTV Movie Awards, this time with five 1920×1080 outputs driving the show. V4 has proven to be intuitive, flexible, and extremely reliable in live, real-time situations where failure is not an option.” Screens servers engineer for both events was Matt Waters.

”The new Hippotizer V4 range includes Taiga, Boreal, Karst, and Amba models, with various output capabilities and features including upgraded versions of all the renowned Hippotizer components, plus new SHAPE 3D mapping tool, STRATA Caddy SSD System, and improved ZooKeeper UI, now with 3D live or pre-visualization! V4, the new version of “America’s Favorite Media Server,” provides innovative new features, along with upgrades of all the old Hippotizer favorites, in a completely new package featuring enterprise class components and rock-solid construction for unprecedented performance – a complete game-changer!”