Creative agency, Rapport Events, had proposed a complex and highly creative design for the occasion which meant that Fix8Group needed to deliver a truly special and unique set that had not previously been done.

The schedule for the project was very tight, due to time constraints shipping all the required equipment to Tenerife over the Christmas holidays. With the challenge of delivering and producing this event within a very short timeframe, Fix8Group’s Neil Trenell and Nick Charalampidis were on-hand to facilitate the full technical delivery onsite.

The set-up he designed was very media server heavy, with 8x Hippotizer i7 HDs feeding 16x Panasonic HD 20K projectors and Hippotizer’s new feature, RegionMapper, being used on its first live multi server project.

Lighting was created with a mixture of Robe Robin 600 LED wash fixtures and 550 spots, and a Butterfly line array, supplied by Robert Lawrence, took care of the audio with a Blackmagic ATME1 with record decks as PPU and a Playback Pro for the VT playback.

Neil Trenell, Fix8Group:
“All crew onsite were a pleasure to work with and everyone collaborated well as a team which made all the difference. It was one of the best teams that we have worked with, everyone was extremely professional and it was noted how much of a team effort was made onsite. We certainly raised the standards in terms of production; it was the best sales conference the CEO has attended since joining the company.”