Noventa di Piave, September, 26 2022 – Prase Media Technologies takes pride in announcing the second edition of IDEA, the event that explores the future as well as the trends in the AV sector, by welcoming in a one-day occasion the most prominent both Italian as well as international producers, notable guests and professionals working in this sector. An event that cannot be missed and which will take place on October, 20 2022 starting from 10.00 at the main headquarters in Noventa di Piave, Venezia.

The Future of Tech. After the hiatus imposed by the pandemic, 2022’s edition genuinely looks into the evolution of the enviroments that are part of our daily life, by analyzing what role the AV technology plays in re-designing and enhancing its functions.

“Starting from the workplace, the cinema productions, boutiques up to live concerts, there’s no enviroment that cannot benefit from the engaging sound and from the costumized video contents. Despite all the difficulties, the AV sector never provided such an applicative freedom. Today, actually, an IDEA’s spark can give life to shows and installations that can improve and better people’s lives.” commented Ennio Prase, MD “It may sound an ambitious event, but we want to give a lot our clients and to the sector players we want to give the chance to try the most thrilling technologies, to openly discuss with vendors and to listen to the experiences and to the vision of the future in our field given by some notable guests who are already making their way towards it.”

IDEA – The Future of Tech is set in three moments.

The conference will take place in the morning. On the stage of the Auditorium Prase six guests will take turns and share their vision and experience in re-thinking the cinema production, the entertainment, the shopping experience standards and a lot more. The speakers will only have a few minutes in order to share their IDEA with the audience, that balance between technical skills and creativity, which make their projects future-proof.
In the afternoon, the participants will have the chance to experience it directly through a guided tour in 16 application environments: conference rooms, immersive show and events settings, venues, auditoriums. These are only a few of the environments in which guests will get the chance to test the technology and see its advantages. The whole corporate and all the operational settings will make for an opportunity to openly exchange views with many of the vendors who will join on-site.

IDEA was the fruit of the collaboration among Prase and Shure, Biamp, Absen, Epson, LG Professional Display, Sharp/NEC, PowerSoft, ScreenInt, Atlona, Green Hippo, DigiLED, Televic, Novastar, Amina, MaxHub, Muxlab, Genelec, Arec, Vicoustic, Cornered Audio, TVOne, Turbosound, Midas, Renkus-Heinz, SoundTube, Bluesound Professional, Huddly and Euromet.

The event is free while seats last.

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