Photos by Steve Jennings
James “Winky” Fairorth
Set Designer/Tait

Tait’s Winky Fairorth was brought in, where he says they embellished the stage to allow for 54 seats at an illuminated bar/runway. “We also allowed for a standing-room-only VIP pit directly downstage, as well as a half GA floor to keep the energy close to the musicians,” Winky says. “We thought about sight lines, the close interaction with the audience, etc. One of the goals was to make it all about the music and an intimate party environment. We also focused on creating unique camera angles to embellish the I-Mag presentation for the giant high resolution screen. By having a tracking navigator camera cover the main stage and a Furio Robotic camera track along the bar, we are able to create beautiful shots filled with depth and scenery.”

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