Strictly Come Dancing is a bona fide global phenomenon. The franchise is currently licensed by BBC Worldwide, under the Dancing with the Stars franchise, to over 42 territories. In Germany the programme goes under the Let’s Dance title, as it has done since 2006, and the RTL Television-produced, now in its eleventh series, remains massively popular with German viewers. The 2018 season saw German celebrity Ingolf Lück and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova take the title. And once again Green Hippo technology was a crucial part of the technology behind the dazzling looking sets.

Green Hippo technology helps Germany’s version of ‘Strictly’ look its dazzling best. Picture: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius 

LichtUnit, the Pulheim-based German creative outfit, was in charge of media server planning and operating for the entire series. The company also handled content management and consulted on the LED technology used. Held over four months, three days a week, with live shows on Fridays, Let’s Dance is a demanding gig for all involved.

Let’s Dance 2018, photo by: LichtUnit

LichtUnit’s Managing Director Stephan Flören led a crack creative team comprising: Stephi Floeren; Sebastian Huwig; Chris Peters; Ingo Rath; and Viola Weinert. LichtUnit also specified a cutting-edge list of kit, including a brace of Hippotizer Boreal+ Media Servers. The two Boreals– one main, one backup – were supplied with content from Madrix Key Ultimate.

As well as being a respected and highly-experienced technology solutions provider, LichtUnit is careful to state the it is ‘manufacturer neutral’. So when it selects a brand, it does so based solely on a product’s excellence and its suitability to the project. Hence, super-reliable Green Hippo and its pioneering Hippotizer was the clear choice to take control of a cloud of SGM LB-100 LED balls above the dancefloor, as well as in the background of the main stage. LichtUnit also had an LED door equipped with Schnick-Schnack-System C-Strips, via Pixelgate, and a 20k Beamer armed with pan/tilt above the dancefloor.

Let’s Dance 2018, photo by: LichtUnit

We enjoy working with Green Hippo products, including the close contact with the Green Hippo team and awesome support should we get in trouble on production side. Keep up this good work!

Stephan Flören, Managing Director of LichtUnit