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The name Light Art Studios previously stood for lighting designer Raphael Grebenstein. This recently merged with LD Ole Güllich, and together they converted the Light Art Studios into a GmbH. The two designers are linked by a long-term partnership, which from now on will find expression in Light Art Studios GmbH. In order to be able to optimally supervise their numerous smaller productions in terms of projection, video and pixel mapping, the creative duo invested in two Hippotizer Nevis + from Green Hippo in spring 2021.

The Nevis+ is an extremely compact (1/2 19 ” 1U) yet feature-rich new media server from Green Hippo. Like all Hippotizer media servers, the Nevis + also has an extensive tool set that allows the creation, visualization and playback of video content in real time.

“We have been looking for our own server since 2019,” explains Raphael Grebenstein. “However, we were looking for the egg-laying woolly milk sow, which is well known to hide well. The server should be small, but basically full-fledged. We don’t want to use it for large-scale projects, but wanted a simple server that a lighting operator can still operate without any difficulties. In addition, the model sought should be able to work both slot-based and timeline-based. ”

Raphael and Ole finally found what they were looking for in the portfolio of the company cast, which sells Green Hippo servers exclusively in Germany. “I already had contact with Hippotizers at the ESC 2017 in Kiev and then again and again at various productions. It was always very pleasant work. The Nevis + quickly proved to be exactly the compact machine we were looking for for our smaller applications. Working with cast was also very pleasant. Christian Pies was very committed and so, despite the Brexit customs chaos, only two weeks passed from the order to the delivery. ”

Light Art Studios invested directly in two Nevis + in order to be able to work with a main and backup server as well as with two 4K output channels as required.

Unrivaled in this size and performance class

“We currently use the Nevis + mainly for smaller productions and commercials,” continues Raphael. “The great thing is that the machines are really very easy to transport. In the rack, the two fit next to each other on one U; but you could just pack them in your backpack if necessary. This is remarkable for a full-fledged media server that runs with the usual high-performance Hippotizer software. Also worth mentioning: the great price-performance ratio. In fact, there is no comparable product in this size and performance class. We can now safely and reliably look after those productions where you would otherwise often have to work with a laptop and dongle solutions with a completely ready-to-play system. ”

Despite its extremely compact dimensions, the Nevis + is a lavishly equipped creative tool. A multitude of functions at each level, such as dual effects engines, key-on-layer and VideoMapper-on-layer, ensure that much more than just media playback is possible. A breathtaking pixel mapping and groundbreaking 3D projection mapping characterize the small powerhouse. The tried and tested layer-based composition principle of the Hippotizer series allows clips and live capture sources to be mixed quickly and intuitively. In addition, the seamless integration of numerous popular video tools such as Notch, NDI and Spout – all with real-time control – offers almost limitless creative potential.

The new Hippotizer had one of their first uses at the beginning of July 2021 at an unreal video shoot of the German singer Mark Forster in the Virtual Production Studio of PM Blue GmbH in Hamburg, on whose behalf Ole and Raphael realized a pixel mapping. The two designers mapped the colors of the video content onto moving lights and panel lights so that it appears as if the artist is really there and is illuminated by the LED wall. Director, 1st cameraman and DoP of the production was Kim Frank, who was also responsible for the entire staging.

“After the first few outings, we are very satisfied with our choice,” concludes Raphael.

“Small, compact, powerful and versatile, the Nevis + covers all our needs for projects on a smaller scale. We are now prepared for everything: projection, video / LED and pixel mapping. The possibility of seamlessly integrating it into the MA Net2 is also very helpful in practice.”

Read the full story on cast’s website.

Image Credit:  © Light Art Studios