Having successfully hosted a live stream broadcast event to Saudi Arabia at the end of 2020, it was only natural that AIRBUS Southern Africa turned to MGG Productions to assist them in hosting a virtual aviation safety roadshow this past month.

In what is arguably the toughest climate for the live events industry globally, the studios at Johannesburg-based MGG Productions have attracted clients from all walks of life who are in search of a professional platform to host pre-recorded or live streamed virtual events. While MGG has implemented a stringent Covid-19 safety protocol to protect both their clients and staff during the production, it is also a company recognized for continually raising the bar in adhering to and improving health and safety protocols in the workplace, the very topic AIRBUS needed to communicate.

AIRBUS is a global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services and has maintained a presence in South Africa since 1994.  Based at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, the company sells and maintains a range of helicopters to military and civilian customers as well as offering pilot training and aircraft technical training.

“I used MGG for the first-time last year in the midst of Covid-19 when it was difficult to travel and we wanted to present a safety roadshow to our clients based in Saudi Arabia,” explained Sanjeeth Sewgolam from AIRBUS Southern Africa, who looks after the Africa and Middle-East regions.

While AIRBUS Southern Africa had obviously hosted online meetings during the pandemic, they wanted to offer their clients an innovative experience as if they were attending an actual conference. “In terms of reaching our customers, the studio set up at MGG helped us demonstrate that we were serious about the safety discussion and that we take our customers seriously despite not being physically able to be with them. With a focus on social distancing and adhering to hygiene safety protocols, the virtual platform is a safer option and makes more sense. Cost is also something that has come into play and it makes a difference in terms of traveling and accommodation when usually arranging these kinds of sessions. Our MGG Productions assigned project manager, Jacobus Janisch-Le Roux and his team have been very helpful in terms of getting us the right price and so, instead of us having to cancel the entire event we could reach our customers.”

The AIRBUS virtual streaming event incorporated guest speakers, such as the Network Safety Manager Alexandre Mauge from France, and a hundred logins from Nigerian customer which included individuals and smaller groups of people who were able to engage in the conversation. A view-on-demand value add was included in the overall offer, allowing for those unable to attend to still participate in the conversation for time to come and ensuring an overall wider audience reach.

Recognised globally as a specialist technical service provider, MGG Productions found themselves at a cross-road with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. “We had become masters of our craft and overnight, had to reinvent ourselves to not only supply lighting, sound, and AV equipment and operating, but to now also offer live-streaming and pre-recorded shows,” said Jacobus Janisch-Le Roux who has been a key player in the industry for the past twenty years. “We have all been forced to go this route, but our clients are seeing the potential and there has been a steady flow of events. The virtual platform has also opened many doors and it was a privilege to partner with AIRBUS Southern Africa  and help deliver their  safety message, a topic that has always been a priority at MGG Productions.”

MGG Productions’ Studio B includes steps leading up to a stage and various Absen screens which can be designed according to the client’s need. Dataton Watchpax 60, Green Hippo’s Hippotizer Boreal V4 and a Barco E2 are used for video playback with four Canon XF205 HD video cameras. The Prolyte lighting rig houses Robe Robin Spiiders, Robe Robin 600 LED Washes, Robe Robin Esprites and Robin Pointes. Control is from a grandMA2 full console linked to two MA Network Processing. Communications is via Clear-Com Free Speak II comms systems. 

Live streaming is an excellent solution for companies wanting to not only reach their target audience, but to increase that audience especially having experienced just how easily it can be incorporated into an event.

“Looking back to when we hosted roadshows in the past, there were always some delegates unable to attend, due to their line of work and being out in the field,” said Sanjeeth Sewgolam. “A virtual roadshow allows delegates to log in from any location, and thanks to MGG Productions recording the event, we are able to share a link that people can watch once they are available. This affords everyone the opportunity to watch, learn and have the necessary information at their disposal.”

Caption: Jacobus Janisch-Le Roux (MGG) and  Sanjeeth Sewgolam (AIRBUS Southern Africa) & Sanjeeth Sewgolam (AIRBUS Southern Africa) at the MGG studios.

Credit: DWR Distribution 

Photo Credit: MGG Productions