Hippotizer Montane+ breaks new ground with the highest ever measured Notchmarks score of 27,300 marks. Notchmarks measure the performance of a server rendering effects using Notch; a real-time generative content software package. A higher score indicates faster playback and the capacity to render more complex effects.

Notchmarks can also be seen here.

Hippotizer V4 features a seamless integration with Notch; allowing effects to be played back on each layer. Thanks to HippoNet, controlling Notch in Hippotizer over the network, from a timeline or DMX has never been easier. Hippotizer also enables advanced timecode synchronisation and high-resolution playback critical for multi-system productions.
All Hippotizer V4 systems support Notch, however Montane+ is designed specifically for the demands of generative content and, includes a 2-year Notch playback license.

Basic specs for Montane+ :
Hippotizer and Notch Software:
  • Hippotizer V4 Software with 3 Year Software Assurance*
    • Unlimited Mixes
    • 2 Outputs
  • 2 year Notch Playback License
  • 2 Display Port 1.2 Outputs
  • Support up to 4K @60hz on each Display port output
  • Supports splitters (such as FX4) for up to 8 HD outputs)
  • 2 DVI Outputs for local control (ZooKeeper)
  • 2TB PCIe Media Drive
  • DP/SDI/DVI capture available
  • Additional options such as LTC/10GB networking also available
* Software Assurance is how long the system is entitled to install the latest version of Hippotizer software. The server will continue to operate normally after Software Assurance expires; new feature releases made available after the end date will fail to install.
For more information please visit our manual.