On the 7th July, Thailand’s Monarchy visited last year’s flood victims and marked the beginning of 5 royally initiated irrigation projects with a multimedia presentation powered by Hippotizers.

The 5 royally initiated irrigation projects were opened to help the farmers affected by the floods last year and to reveal the benefit to farmers, enabling the second rice cropping in 500,000 rai of farmland. The multimedia presentation to mark this occasion was witnessed by not only the monarchy of Thailand but also crowds of people who stood by to wave the Royal family in their procession.

The ship stopped at the Royal Irrigation Department Headquarters in Bangkok, where His Majesty The King was greeted by crowds of cheering people in preparation for the multimedia presentation.

The Hippotizer was specified because of how quickly it was able to be set up and programmed.
The presentation was projected onto Tri-Vision which had ten panels and with the ability to flip the screened images or have a plain white vinyl side.

The key features of the Hippotizer that was highlighted in production, programmed by was the ZooKeeper which played the main role with its ability to align the projections whilst programming from both locations in a small timeframe.

The Compx4+DVI was also highlighted for its noise free live capture from the cameras in the Royal Vessel and the live feed selected from each of the five provinces and National Broadcasting system.<br><br>
Media manager also adapted to the short timeframe by being able to update video files quickly and with the efficiency of the TimeLine, particularly useful for live events, they were able to change the layout of the composition whilst mixing and matching effects.

The TimeLine proved to be the ultimate tool to solve any live issues or changes with a few clicks of a button.

The HD dual outputs worked well with uploading a clip from a single location and using it on both outputs without the need for synchronisation.

The presentation produced by Miracle Maker Co. LTD and projection by Perfect Duck Co. LTD worked with the programmer Mr Pongsak Pattanaphan and the alignment technician Mr Narongsal Jamnongchaidee to deliver a presentation on the canals water front.
The multimedia presentation of the ceremony used a HippotizerHD with a Compx4+DVI card as the main gear which ran on dual output mode for Tri-Vision and floor projection.
Also used for this production was;
GrassHopper x 2 for backup
Datapathx4 x 2 for Split triples pan mode and use extra output as output preview
Sanyo 15k ANSI lumens x3 for TriVision Screen
Sanyo 6k ANSI lumens x3 for floor projection
Zookeeper x2 for control location programming and remote projection alignment.
Wireless N system for remote alignment.