LiVE-LAB Co. Ltd., based in Korea, were responsible for the realisation of a KIA Motor product launch, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer.

The presentation consisted of an extensive motorised set-up using 16 LED modules, each measuring w1.8m x h3.6m and with 10 modules individually movable, plus, amongst an array of equipment, four Hippotizer HD media servers, of which two were active units outputting to the 16 LED modules and two were back-up units.

Hippotizer HDs one and two were utilised to output video content to all 16 LED screen. The two Hippotizer HDs were set up on dual mode and ran four layers on each Hippotizer output. For the video content running over the 10 moving modules they used Hippotizer’s VideoMapper and LiveMask components to map different content onto the individual LED modules.

The fourth HD, one of the back-up units, was triggering the motor system controlling the adjustable LED modules via USB and RS232, using the Phat Controller component. From the motor controller they then recorded a cue for the motion of the modules and using Hippotizer’s Phat Controller and a USB to RS232 network they were able to synchronise tasks by sending a trigger signal to the motor controller.

The entire show running over four Hippotizer outputs was programmed on Timelines with the position for each of the 10 moving LED module elevations being entered as the Y-position values.

However, since the motor system used for the installation did not run on a Hippotizer compatible protocol, LiVE-LAB had to calculate the speed of each motor connected to the 10 LEDs as per 0.4 seconds and convert the calculated value to the pixel units of the video content. The converted data was uploaded as the Hippotizer Y-value. Each value was entered one by one separating out two sections, one for a linear curve and one for a non linear curve.


Video content for the presentation was cut and cropped from its original size of 4608 x 1024 pixels to varying sizes fitting on individual LED modules. The planning for the show commenced with programming and testing in Hippotizer’s Timeline and Phat Controller components at a warehouse in Paju city about a month prior to the exhibition. The next step was to set up for the Seoul Motor Show with final planning, editing and testing. Onsite set-up and rehearsals finally took place from 25th – 27th March for the exhibition opening to the press on 28th March and to the public on the 29th March.

Front of House a grandMA on PC with command wing and a ZooKeeper on a separate PC were controlling the Hippotizers via ArtNet and HippoNet respectively.

Introducing the all new KIA Carens from KIA Motors the event was produced by ERPLUS, and with the content design and Hippotizer media servers supplied by VDStyle, LiVE-LAB Co. Ltd created an ingenious show with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Technical Director : Bonggill Chu (LiVE-LAB Co. Ltd)

Video & grandMA Programmer : HeaJung Chung, HyunJu Kim (LiVE-LAB Co. Ltd)