Whether an electronic music festival, movie premiere or a corporate party, no two live events are the same. Hippotizer offers a complete set of intuitive video-playback, mapping and creative tools so you wow the audience every time. Thanks to the free PLAY software, built-in Visualiser and integrated planning tools, Hippotizer event programming can start from the comfort of your studio. Onsite, Hippotizer’s multi-user network based architecture means that content management, programming and 3D mapping can all happen in parallel so you are up and running fast. The unmatched DMX integration, built in Timeline, Midi and Streamdeck integration ensure you can tailor the control solution to the show.

  • Hippotizer PLAY
  • Visualiser / Planning
  • Zookeeper
  • DMX/Midi/Streamdeck

Case Studies:

Electric Forest Festival

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert

Lauri Tähkä’s Arena Tour

Movie Premiere: No Time to Die

Mohamad Ramadan

Team GB Olympics Homecoming

European Premiere: Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker

Nature One Festival – Germany

WWE Smackdown

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