It’s around the end of April that we begin to get excited about Glastonbury Festival here at Green Hippo. The warm weather hints at what’s to come, our plans are coming together and we can start to look forward to another week down on Worthy Farm.

Green Hippo were pleased to have been invited by Bryte Design to work with them on the John Peel Stage for the sixth year running, and we were also present with a range of our V4 Media servers elsewhere on Worthy Farm.

One of the biggest touring shows passing through Glastonbury to use Hippotizer was Deadmau5, headlining the Other Stage on Saturday night, operated by touring LD Whitney Hoversten. Designed by Leroy Bennett and programmed by Loren Barton, Canada’s most successful electronic music artist brought a stunning stage show comprising 2 x Hippotizer V4 Boreals supplied by Upstaging, delivering a combination of video, to the downstage LED wall, and ArtNet/KiNET from PixelMapper to a custom fabricated ‘DJ booth’. This dome structure, made up of Color Kinetics Flex nodes and Upstaging’s own Saber LED product along with Ayrton magic panels resulted in an audio visual onslaught which Glastonbury’s revellers adored.

Elsewhere on site Darren Parker Lighting continued their annual tradition of driving all the West Holts stage’s video elements with Hippotizer Media Servers. DPL’s hospitality area was, as always, the preferred location for industry meet-ups and a discussion was had regarding upgrading their Hippotizers to V4 despite the company’s relentless summer schedule.

Green Hippo were also invited, by Alan King of Rockin Horse Limited, to work with Igloo Vision – specialist immersive, content creators who used Unity (a third party software package) to projection map onto a huge 30ft x 50ft structure above the DJ booth in the Block 9 area, namely Genosys!

“With Genosys now in its 3rd year as part of Block 9, our aim was to make it more accessible to visiting acts and their VJ’s. As powerful as Unity is, it lacks in any kind of UI and therefore i wanted to combine its functionality with Hippotizer’s customisable interface and plethora of control functionality. Having an industry standard server working in conjunction with Unity gave us the best of both worlds and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

Alan King – Technical Project Manager & Lighting Designer

All content was rendered live and in real-time. Igloo Vision played out all the effects and mapping, live through 2 x Hippotizer V4 Amba units and projected it onto the huge wall with the powerful Christie 35K projector.

“It was a great first ‘test’ for Multi-controller – a new feature of V4 that combines and replaces Midi/ OSC/TCP and Phat Controller from the previous V3 software.” Said David Butler from Green Hippo.

“We used Multi-controller with the Unity application to create parameters and timelines and also control the live projection during the show. It proved to be a much more efficient and simplified workflow.”

All in all Green Hippo couldn’t be happier with Hippotizer’s successes at Glastonbury 2015…. Bring on Glastonbury 2016!