Hippotizer Media Servers can be found in many stadiums and arenas around the world. Even the most ambitious designs, with live camera inputs, social media feeds, whether projected or using LED, are all possible with full visibility on your environment.

The functionality, flexibility, and ease of use make Hippotizer an ideal solution for a wide range of projects and setups. Whether the end result is large or small scale, corporate or artistic, there is a Hippotizer to suit your needs.

  • VideoMapper
  • Visualizer
  • TimelinePlus
  • Media Manager

Case Studies:

Army of Hippotizer Boreal+ Media Servers take on epic Wrestling visuals

Hippotizer Tierra+ Scores Super Bowl Touchdown

Q&A with Drew Findley, Screens Producer for Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

Heavyweight Hippotizer Visuals Wow WWE Tour

Green Hippo Throws Shapes at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hippotizer Goes Wide at Super Bowl XLVII

BLØF Get High with Hippotizer


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